Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Presbyterian Missions

Presbyterian Missions
Team Timothy
The Presbyterian Missionary Union recently held a Vacation Bible School in La Paz, Bolivia. Of the 54 children who attended 11 claimed Jesus as their personal lord and savior. The school was organized by Team Timothy Bolivia, a group of eight missionaries working in Bolivia on behalf of the PMU. Team Timothy also held divine services and distributed 250 tracts to the people who attended. The team Timothy USA group claims to need new members for missions.
Part of this mission work involves reaching out to local churches like the Grand Island Bible Presbyterian Church in Grand Island, New York. This church has been in existence for fifty years. To celebrate this momentous occasion Grand Island BPC are planning to try and bring the gospel message to every home on the Island.
Other mission work has been going on in Myanmar, really Burma, and Cambodia. Neither one of these countries is particularly safe therefore each makes a good place to spread the Gospel. Desperate people need a savior and Christianity has proven historical benefits for nations that adopt Christian social and business practices.

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