Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Creation Museum

Creation Museum
Petersburg, Kentucky
The recently opened Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky, has caused both wonder and controversy among its visitors. The museum was created as a direct challenge to the evolutionary steamroller that has been used to badly educate children on scientific and social matters. Students are taught to believe that the Bible is wrong and that humans should be worship as the highest form of life in existence, and that scientists are the infallible priests of this new religion. Worse, the utter refusal of evolution to be taught as a theory leads to teaching evolution as though it were law. Children are then taught to accept authority without question.
The Creation museum serves to point out that there are other points of view on the questions surrounding the origins of the universe and the creatures that inhabit it and that these paradigms, specifically the Christian one, are supported by good scientific research. Apparently, even some who went to the museum as detractors were impressed by the exhibits quality, which supposedly rivals far more famous science museums.
Whereas the evolutionists have tried to destroy our culture, starting at its roots in Genesis, the Creation Museum serves as a bulwark that upholds the distinctly Christian belief in observed study. The evolutionist refusal to debate these matters flies in the face of the scientific method and is disturbingly reminiscent of the dogmatic and superstitious “scientific” communities of the past who threatened to kill those who opposed their points of view. With the current ridicule that believers face from the mainstream world for voicing dissenting opinions in public it looks likely that the more drastic and homicidal methods of the past may come back into fashion. That is why challenges to such dogma, such as the Creation Museum, need to be presented now before it is too late.

Rusty Benson
American Family Association Journal
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