Tuesday, August 14, 2007

August 14, 2007

The national political pot is already boiling furiously. The activities of the would-be presidents of the United States provide unlimited material about the potential candidates. Rove’s resignation and retirement from active White House activities provides material for Republicans to share the lime light...

We are learning more than we ever really wanted to know about the people interested in becoming president in 2008. Many issues of concern are also being discussed. This is a time of opportunity for those interested in good government. It is also a challenge to people to consider public office as an opportunity for service. When Al Smith aspired to be president his religion was a major consideration. Now Mitt Romney is being challenged about his.

This can be a valuable learning experience for citizens of this country. Immigration is a major concern. Should it be limited? What should we expect of these people who wish to become Americans. What should we think about those who are illegally? What should we do about them? Our treatment of them will tell them much about what our country is really like.

Many of us are proud of our heritage but are loyal first to the United States. As Christians we must take our citizenship as a serious responsibility.

Many people need to seriously consider what role God is calling them to fill in the political arena. It is our opportunity to encourage all citizens, especially the younger ones to remember that we are “One nation under God.”

The news of treatment of believers around the world makes the Persecution news particularly significant. We take for granted both our right to worship and the right to ignore worship.

Have you been reading Presbyterians-Week on the Internet(http://presweek.blogspot.com/)? Increasingly the Internet is being used for communication. We use it in the office all the time. I notice that my postage stamp supply is lasting much longer than it formerly did.

The Presbyterian Church (USA) is facing serious issues. The report from long-time Observer supporter Don Elliott states the problem faced by many members. One group formed the PCA as their reaction to the problems. Now those who stayed must decide where they stand. The EPC sounds like a good solution as presented by Don’s article.

In this time of unrest we need to remember the missionaries whom we have encouraged to go to places often far from home. Mission giving must increase if they are to remain on the field.

Young people are looking for employment. We should consider their needs and their potential for usefulness and help them find the right job. The future president of the United States may be a member of your congregation. How are you training him through the things you encourage?

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