Friday, March 14, 2008

Eric E. Wallace

Eric E. Wallace
Uniting Church and Home
The Institute for Uniting Church and Home released an advertisement for the IUCH program, a request for support, and the purchasing of their new how to book on the subject of Church and Home.
The tenor of the letter was an optimistic sales pitch aimed at somewhat desperate ministers. On the Uniting Church and Home website they claimed that programs aimed at micromanaging the personal, spiritual lives of nuclear families, particularly dysfunctional ones, simply worked to drive people away from the church. By micromanaging spiritual lives the institute is of course referring to home schooling. These programs have in the past had problems due to hostile public and private school systems, which view them as money not in school vaults.
The efforts of the institute have been towards the continued improvement of these programs.

Eric E. Wallace
Institute For Uniting Church and Home
4012 Echo Ridge Place
Midlothian, Virginia 23112