Monday, March 3, 2008

News From Atlanta

News From Atlanta
Presbyterian Evangelical Fellowship
Paul Bellino has been doing some unusual things in Atlanta. One of Bellino’s groups Atlanta’s Church of All Nations has been attempting to break down barriers between people of different nations and races for the cause of Christ and even just for the sake of getting along. Unlike many groups that claim the mantle of multiculturalism, ACAN actually works with various groups as opposed to setting them against each other for a short-term political gain. The ACAN states that it is, “grateful to be a place of Christian fellowship and love for all people, ‘red and yellow, black and white.’” Bellino’s message is that what brings people of different races together is not civil rights but the gospel of Jesus.
Bellino’s work has included such outlandish yet successful efforts as getting Black Christians to work with the Sons of Confederate Veterans to try and free Black slaves in the Sudan from the Muslim warlords who are their masters. This is not a man who thinks small.

Paul Bellino
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