Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Arnold Elek

Arnold Elek
Komlόd, Romania
Mission work continues in former Communist countries like Romania. Even though the better part of two decades have past since the Communists left, Eastern Europe is still mired in the corruption, economic stagnation, and religious void that resulted from 40 years of Soviet domination.
As Arnold Elek a missionary in Romania said, “It was so strange and seemed like 50 years ago, and here time had stopped.” Mr. Elek is a 3rd year college student who went to Komlόd back in October. Elek went with a doctor to the village of Beszterce-Naszod and tried to help the spiritual needs of the locals as the doctor saw to their physical ones. The student was surprised by the lack of young people. Elek only saw the old and the sick present, however they were all happy to see the missionaries who were brining them the gospel as well as medicine.
Elek was happy that he could help be the shepherd that they needed even if only for a short while.

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