Friday, February 29, 2008

American Council of Christian Churches

Ralph G. Colas
The American Council of Christian Churches
Ralph G. Colas, on behalf of the American Council of Churches, sent out a letter. This letter expressed deep concerns on two specific topics. First was the new Pope’s assertion that Roman Catholicism is the only proper Christian faith. When one considers the centuries of bloodshed based on that old argument the concern at least seems justified.
As an odd juxtaposition to his first problem his second was the seeming unification of many of the United States’ more liberal churches which claimed that they were just Christians like any other. Colas pointed out the openly Communistic views of Liberation Theology, and that the Methodist church has actively supported homosexuality, a sexual practiced specifically and continuously condemned and abolished in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. Colas went on to say that an unnamed Episcopal clergyman declared that a good foundation for church government could not be found in the Bible, a point of view that Colas called heresy.
Dr. Colas summed up his several statements by saying that Fundamentalism and the Bible were under attack and that Christians should not compromise with liberal groups on spiritual matters.

Dr. Ralph G. Colas
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