Thursday, July 12, 2007

11 July 2007

Several years ago a young man named Kent Hillmann came over after work to help with the repairs on the Reformed Presbyterian Church building in Manassas. Kent began listening to tape recordings of the New Testament. That led to an increasing interest in Bible study. He became acquainted with the work being done by Wycliffe Bible Translators. Since is a trained airplane mechanic it was not surprising that he joined the group helping fly missionaries and others into or out of many areas. Often there were place where there was no access except by air.

In the course of his work he met another young Marine. Their friendship developed to the point where they were married. They now have two children. The Hillmanns have been assigned to study French in the south of France for 18 months. The boys appear to be carbon copies of their father.

Those of us interested in following the career of these two dedicated young people can contact them through the Wycliffe Bible Translators at Po Box 628200, Orlando, Florida 32862-8200